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My name is Avalon and I’m the sole (and soul) force behind Rediscovering Simplicity!

There are three tenets that shape the foundation of my site – Sustainability, Simplicity, and Self-Sufficiency. I like to refer to them as my 3 Pillars of Good Living, or 3S’s for short.

My goal here is to help people from all walks of life – old, young, city folks, rural families – come back to their roots and learn to live simpler, more sustainable, and self-sufficient lives. With topics ranging from soapmaking to gardening to mindfulness, I hope to be able to cover all aspects of the 3S’s so that you’ll have all the information you need to get started and thrive.

If that seems like a lot, don’t worry! I did my best to organize everything into categories so you can pick and choose which you’re interested in and which are doable for you. Only want to make bread and grow herbs? Check out my Break Making category and Herb tag! Interested in owning goats and making cheese? Wonderful! I have a goats tag and Cheese Making category.

And everyone had to start somewhere!

There was a time when everything I wanted to do and be in life was just fantasies and daydreams. I lived just outside of Raleigh, NC with occasionally a succulent, spending my time on Netflix and Xbox. But I wanted so much more than that! I wanted to spend my time making things, going outside, being apart of nature, and taking care of it. And I wanted to share my passions, my lessons, and my failures (yes, those too) with others so that they can also start living the life they dream of!

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So I packed up, moved to Asheville, NC, started school at a small liberal arts college in the mountains, and I started to learn more, not only about the environment and how to make certain things but also about myself and what I valued in life (I am a Philosophy major, gotta think about those hard question).

After so many trials and errors, I really started to focus on my passions and my values and started to learn more about what I wanted to be able to do in my life.

Thus, Rediscovering Simplicity was born! While nowhere near the end of my journey, I am much further than where I started. And I’m so excited to share everything that I have (and will) learned with all of you!

Now I spend my time going to class, making things with my hands, working on a farm, and enjoying the world around me.

Not sure where to start? Here are some of my favorite posts (They’re more interesting than just How to Start _______, I promise) :

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Hopefully, you’ve made it this far and if you have, thank you so much! I look forward to getting to know you and your passions and to help with whatever I can. Please never hesitate to ask me for help. Even if I haven’t written about it (especially if I haven’t written about it), I will still do my best to find out everything I can about it!

Be well,


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